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Re: linux newbie questions

I might not be much help, but I'll try to answer some of your

"Mike Reiser" <metalhead1009000@gmail.com> writes:

> I'm using ubuntu linux on a vm 

Virtual machine?  Seems I remember someone mentioning this on the list
in the past.  You might want to search the archives.  There are several
sites that have the archive.

> and want to try emacspeak.  I've been using orca and have a few
> questions.  1.  After I download the tar file and compile it,
> will it use espeak by default?  

It will not use anything by default.  You will have to build the speech
server that you will use and set it up to use that server.  

One question.  Is there some reason that you want to build emacspeak
instead of using the one in the Ubuntu archive?  I know it is in the
Debian archive and would be surprised to find it is not there for Ubuntu
as well.  If you install from the archive and install eflite at the same
time, the set-up should ask you which server to use and take care of
configuring it for you.  espeak might not be included in this sort of
install so you might have to do a little research and tweaking to get it
to work but that would still be easier than doing a source install.

> If not what do I need to do to get it to do this?  2.  Will I be
> able to use emacspeak along side orca?  

There are some on the list that do this, if I am not mistaken.  I might
should let them chime in here.

> 3.  How do I start emacspeak?  Do I just type it at the terminal
> prompt?  

If installing from your distro then I would say yes.  You can start it
from the top of your .emacs file and if you decide that source is the
way to go then we can help you cross that bridge.

> I'm asking here because it seems like the documentation on the site
> hasn't been updated in a few years and wanted to know if there was
> anything I should know about running it on ubuntu.  I just thought
> I'd try to learn emacspeak also and see if I liked it better then
> orca.  

I know Dr. Raman uses Ubuntu, so you know everything is there.  As
concerns the documentation, I see one of two options:

1.  Do an install of your distro's packages and read the info manual.  

2.  Grab the tarball and make the info manual with makeinfo.  

I have not had a look at the site documentation in a _long_ time, so I
cannot speak on its freshness.

> Thanks,

I hope I was helpful,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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