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Re: problems with tonight's svn update

Yes, the issue is specifically w3m and its interaction with the
browse-url package.

Study the code in emacspeak-we.el to understand how things work.

Basically it sets up the xslt environment and hands things off to browse-url.

For some reason w3m doesn't always appear to respect the
containing environment -- I suspect mostly because the external w3m 
process has already run before the xslt bits take effect.

>>>>> "Lukas" == Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
    Lukas> Lukas Loehrer writes ("Re: problems with tonight's svn
    Lukas> update"):
    >> Robert D. Crawford writes ("problems with tonight's svn
    >> update"): > Using w3 and w3m, I no longer have the ability
    >> to use xslt.  No matter > what I try to apply.  Using the
    >> url template for google hits I get this > backtrace: > ...
    >> I am experiencing the same problem. I get a blank page for
    >> the google hits URL template.
    Lukas> I must correct myself here, the problem seems to be
    Lukas> limited to the case where w3m is selected as the
    Lukas> default browser. With w3 as the default browser, the
    Lukas> two templates I tried "Google Hits" and "Shoutcast"
    Lukas> work fine.
    Lukas> Sorry for the confusion and best regards, Lukas
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