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Re:[emacspeak The Complete Audio Desktop] Web Interaction In Emacspeak

please be specific about what errors you're getting with VM. I'm
also running vm out of its repository --

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:
    Tim> Hi Raman, I realise that refactoring is probably going
    Tim> to introduce som instability at first, so this is just
    Tim> to let you know of some of the issues I'm running into
    Tim> with the latest svn snapshot.
    Tim> 1. w3m is giving a void function error when you try to
    Tim> run w3m. The problem is that
    Tim> emacspeak-w3-speak-mode-hook is being called. Putting a
    Tim> require w3 at the top of emacspeak-w3m.el seems to fix
    Tim> this.
    Tim> 2. another issue I've run into is related to
    Tim> emacspeak-fix-interactive-command-if-necessary. I've not
    Tim> even looked at this yet and am just mentioning
    Tim> it. However, I had to uninstall muse and planner mode
    Tim> before I could get past startup failures . I first noted
    Tim> this on a testing box at work where I had updated to the
    Tim> latest cvs version of emacs. at the time, I thought it
    Tim> was most likely something to do with the latest cvs
    Tim> version of emacs and didn't look further. However, I'm
    Tim> seeing a similar error now at home with my emacs 22
    Tim> version (built from source).
    Tim> 3. finally, I'm getting errors with the latest VM
    Tim> version which I'm not getting if I stick with the older
    Tim> emacspeak cvs snapshot.
    Tim> I mainly wanted to alert you to the w3m issue and the
    Tim> need for a require. The other points are just
    Tim> reference. I'll try to look at these in more detail next
    Tim> weekend. I didn't think the need to just add (require
    Tim> 'w3) to emacspeak-w3m.el justified a patch.
    Tim> Just for reference, the emacspeak CVS snapshot which is
    Tim> working fine is from the end of June (Revision 4678. The
    Tim> one giving me problems is from today, and is revision
    Tim> 4959. Same version of emacs in both cases GNU Emacs
    Tim> (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.10.12) of
    Tim> 2007-06-21 on lion I've also done a make clean and
    Tim> rebuilt both emacspeak snapshots, just in case the
    Tim> problem was due to updates in other packages.
    Tim> Tim
    Tim> T. V. Raman writes:
    >> Users running out of SVN will have noticed that the
    >> emacspeak codebase has seen a significant number of
    >> updates over the last couple of weeks.  During this time,
    >> I've refactored the Web interaction code in Emacspeak to
    >> meet the following goals:
    >> - All Emacspeak Web smarts have now been re-factored to be
    >> independent of any given Web browser. In practice, this
    >> avoids code duplication between W3 and W3M support.  - The
    >> interface to XSLT has been significantly improved.  - When
    >> using W3, Emacspeak automatically builds a cache of CSS
    >> classnames and ids occuring on the page. These are then
    >> used to provide interactive completion when invoking
    >> commands emacspeak-extract-by-id (bound to e i in Web
    >> pages) and emacspeak-we-extract-by-class (bound to e c in
    >> Web pages).  - Module emacspeak-we holds all code related
    >> to editing Web pages before they are displayed.  - Module
    >> emacspeak-webutils holds all Web utility code.  - Atom and
    >> RSS feeds are now pulled using Emacs-22 built-in library
    >> url rather than via libxslt. This has the advantage that
    >> the feeds are pulled with any cookies the browser may have
    >> set during the session.  - All url templates, search
    >> wizards and related Web utilities should now be capable of
    >> working similarly under W3 and W3M.  - Module
    >> emacspeak-moz provides a basic level of integration with
    >> Firefox --- see my related blog post on FireBox.  - Module
    >> emacspeak-w3m still needs work to take advantage of all of
    >> these changes; I myself do not use W3M much, so those
    >> updates will happen as and when W3M users contribute the
    >> necessary time and patches.
    >> --
    >> Posted By T. V. Raman to emacspeak The Complete Audio
    >> Desktop at 7/24/2007 07:32:00 AM
    Tim> -- Tim Cross tcross@rapttech.com.au
    Tim> There are two types of people in IT - those who do not
    Tim> manage what they understand and those who do not
    Tim> understand what they manage.
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