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Care For A Little Moonshine?

The Speakup Modified Fedora Distribution version of Fedora 7, "Moonshine," is
now available. Once again we invite you to use our images and installation
guidance to install Fedora 7, also known as "Moonshine," using your hardware
speech synthesizer and the Speakup screen reader.  Downloadable images and
documentation are available at our Internet address:


You can also access the Speakup Modified Fedora files using ftp and rsync with
commands such as:

rsync -l speakupmodified.org::speakupmodified

Please note that this initial release of the Speakup Modified Fedora 7 has not
yet been fully tested. We welcome all reports of success or of failures with
this new, highly revised installation media.

The Speakup Modified Fedora provides:

*	installation media adapted expressly for
   those blind computer users who want to use the Speakup Linux screen reader
to install a Fedora-style Linux on their computers. This means that the blind
computer user will not require sighted assistance, and that the end result will
be an installation that talks every time it is booted.

*	Other assistive technology including brltty, emacspeak,, and orca.
*	It's all there--in the installation images.

*	A preliminary revision of our famous Installation HOWTO to guide the
*	novice and the advanced user through the installation process.

*	A new mini-howto on using telnet to install the Speakup Modified at:


But the Speakup Modified is much more than just installation media. We now also provide:

*	Support for TTSynth, the premier text to speech synthesizer for Linux,
*	both on the console and the graphical desktop.

	See http://TTSynth.Com to learn more.

*	Regular builds of Firefox 3 providing industry leading accessible
*	web browsing.

*	A yum repository so you can update your Speakup Modified Fedora
*	distribution the easy way--overnight in your sleep, for instance. In
*	addition, there's a new Quick Tips file for using yum:


*	Both 32-bit and 64-bit packages.

*	Fast and robust Internet connections on our new hosted servers, so
*	that your downloads can proceed at maximum speed

In the very near future we will also provide:

* A Help Wiki and mini HOWTOs on various Linux topics that you can use both
to learn from and also to share your own expertise with others.

We know we've said this before--but it's absolutely true yet again! rTthe newly
released Fedora 7 is the most accessible Fedora yet. We're pleased we can once
again facilitate your installation of Fedora without sighted assistance. And,
we're pleased to facilitate your access to package updates as well as a first
class accessible console and graphical desktop Linux experience.


The Speakup Modified Team


Janina Sajka,	Phone:	+1.202.595.7777;	sip:janina@a11y.org
Partner, Capital Accessibility LLC	http://CapitalAccessibility.Com

Marketing the Owasys 22C talking screenless cell phone in the U.S. and Canada
Learn more at http://ScreenlessPhone.Com

Chair, Open Accessibility	janina@a11y.org	
Linux Foundation		http://a11y.org

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