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Re: ubuntu/debian with emacspeak

Rob Hill writes ("ubuntu/debian with emacspeak"):
> I need to start a new machine.  I'm currently using debian, and of
> course find it excellent, though it was time-consuming to set up.  Has
> anybody any opinions as to whether I'm better off with Ubuntu, from
> emacspeak users' point of view, for home pc use? 

In my opinion it does not make much of a difference whether you choose
Debian or Ubuntu for use with emacspeak. One advantage of Ubuntu is
that you can install it with only software speech and without
assistance. Using grml, I think you can do the same with Debian using
debootstrap, but I have never tried this. Another nice thing about
ubuntu are its 6-monthly release schedule, thus you can run a fairly
up to date system without much risk of major breakage. An advantage of
Debian is its greater number of available packages.

Both distributions have all the packages you will need to get
emacspeak running, but neither has the latest version of emacspeak
itself packaged as far as I know. The one in Ubuntu was especially
ancient last time I checked; out of the box, Ubuntu is clearly geared
towards gnome and orca as far as accessibility is concerned.

Best regards, Lukas

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