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emacspeak inside vmware

I'm definitely doing what you say you're doing and am not
noticing any sluggishness. I'm using the emacspeak speech server
with orca, not the gnome-speech server; I suspect the latter
might be your problem.

>>>>> "bart" == bart  <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    bart> Hi, I'm not sure that this list is the appropriate
    bart> place to ask this but it was the best I could think of
    bart> :).
    bart> I'm running emacspeak inside a ubuntu vm.
    bart> All is working reasonably well, I have orca and
    bart> emacspeak working.
    bart> I am however finding that the outloud speech server is
    bart> sluggish to shut up.  It works but at times I get
    bart> speech talking over the top of itself.
    bart> This problem doesn't appear to exist with the viavoice
    bart> gnome speech driver.
    bart> Is anyone else doing anything similar and do you have
    bart> any tips?
    bart> Regards
    bart> Bart
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Best Regards,

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