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Re: Changing Startup Key

Thanks to you both.  I got it mapped the way I want and thanks also
for the reminder to restore C-e to its original value.  But I've run
into something strange here.  It works great when I start up emacs
natively to launch emacspeak but when I use mutt to read my mail from
another console with speakup, I launch emacsclient to edit this
message.  When I do this, I lose the newly set hotkey to invoke
emacspeak commands.  In fact, I lose the emacspeak-prefix-command
entirely but C-e is still as I set - 'end-of-line.  What's stranger
yet is as soon as I end my editting session with this mutt message
with C-x #, My newly set key for emacspeak-prefix-command will come
back.  So some how the alt-s key I was trying to use gets its original
value whenever I link up an emacsclient session.  Is this as clear as

Thanks again for the clarification though; I was close earlier when
trying this but not quite I guess.

On Fri, Jul 06, 2007 at 06:47:43PM -0700, T. V. Raman wrote:
> dont use setq. 
> Use 
> (global-set-key <my-key>  'emacspeak-prefix-command)
> If you absolutely *want* to free up C-e from being the emacspeak
> prefix,
> then do a 
> (global-set-key "\C-e" 'end-of-line)
> to get its default meaning.
> >>>>> "Robert" == Robert D Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
>     Robert> Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> writes:
>     >> OK, I looked over that info page but am still confused.
>     >> It mentions a variable, not a keymap.
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> It is, in fact, a variable.
>     Robert> 
>     >> I tried variants of global-setkey but to no avail.  A
>     >> couple times, I got an error saying non prefix assigned or
>     >> something.  I also tried doing a (setq "M-s" to the
>     >> variable emacspeak-prefix) but the variable got updated
>     >> but no key assignment.
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> I did the same thing with setq.  This is, I believe,
>     Robert> how it should be done.  I did it in a running emacs
>     Robert> session and am not sure why it did not work.  I had a
>     Robert> look at the source file that sets the variable and
>     Robert> here is what I found:
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> (defvar emacspeak-prefix "\C-e" "Default prefix key
>     Robert> used for emacspeak. ")
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> (global-set-key emacspeak-prefix
>     Robert> 'emacspeak-prefix-command)
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> ;;; fix what we just broke:- (define-key
>     Robert> emacspeak-keymap "e" 'end-of-line) (define-key
>     Robert> emacspeak-keymap "\C-e" 'end-of-line)
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> I did cut a bit of source here but the lines are very
>     Robert> close.
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> What I did, but did not work:
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> I did a setq on the emacspeak-prefix and then
>     Robert> evaluated the global-set-key command.  This seemed to
>     Robert> make it so that _both_ prefixes were active (in my
>     Robert> case, both C-e and C-a).
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> I was hoping that this would be the quick fix as I
>     Robert> had to leave.  This was not the case so I had to exit
>     Robert> and restart emacs to get back a correctly working
>     Robert> session.  (there is probably a better way but I did
>     Robert> not have time to search it out.)
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> Sorry I was not of help.  I am really behind right
>     Robert> now and cannot search out anything else.  Maybe
>     Robert> someone else on list will see your plight and give
>     Robert> their advice.
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> Again, I am sorry I was not much help, rdc -- Robert
>     Robert> D. Crawford rdc1x@comcast.net
>     Robert> 
>     Robert> We all dream of being the darling of everybody's
>     Robert> darling.
>     Robert> 
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> Best Regards,
> --raman
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