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Re: SVN Version is broken!

Thanks for the quick fixes.  For some reason however, my laptop which
is using the svn version still won't work with espeak.  dtksoft works
on it though.  espeak works properly when I run it from tcl at the
shell but emacs / emacspeak just keeps saying "process speaker not
running" with no further explanation available.  I'm really not sure
where else to look here.

On Sun, Jul 01, 2007 at 07:25:20PM -0700, T. V. Raman wrote:
> Should be fixed now.
> >>>>> "Steve" == Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> writes:
>     Steve> I thought I would give the latest svn poll from
>     Steve> yesterday Sat Jun 30 a try and I'm getting "process
>     Steve> speaker not running" when I try to use espeak.  It so
>     Steve> happens that when I try to select espeak, I get the
>     Steve> following: Symbol's value as variable is void:
>     Steve> emacspeak-ssh-tts-server What has ssh-tts-server got
>     Steve> to do with espeak? the plain 26.0 version worked ok as
>     Steve> long as I grab the svn directory of linux-espeak and
>     Steve> hack the Makefile a bit.  Once the process speak not
>     Steve> running occurs, I'm stuck in emacs and can't do
>     Steve> anything in it.  Even with Speakup running, I can't
>     Steve> even exit the program; I end up killing emacs from
>     Steve> another console.  I got dectalk to run ok but today it
>     Steve> crashed and then I got the dreaded "process speaker
>     Steve> not running" error again.  At least yesterday with the
>     Steve> prod version of emacspeak, dtk-soft would poop out but
>     Steve> I could always restart again with c-e c-s.  I found
>     Steve> espeak to be extremely responsive and generally worked
>     Steve> well with prod version of espeak.
>     Steve> 
>     Steve> Any ideas? Not sure where to go to fix the voide
>     Steve> symbol.
>     Steve> 
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