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SVN Version is broken!

Should be fixed now.

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> writes:
    Steve> I thought I would give the latest svn poll from
    Steve> yesterday Sat Jun 30 a try and I'm getting "process
    Steve> speaker not running" when I try to use espeak.  It so
    Steve> happens that when I try to select espeak, I get the
    Steve> following: Symbol's value as variable is void:
    Steve> emacspeak-ssh-tts-server What has ssh-tts-server got
    Steve> to do with espeak? the plain 26.0 version worked ok as
    Steve> long as I grab the svn directory of linux-espeak and
    Steve> hack the Makefile a bit.  Once the process speak not
    Steve> running occurs, I'm stuck in emacs and can't do
    Steve> anything in it.  Even with Speakup running, I can't
    Steve> even exit the program; I end up killing emacs from
    Steve> another console.  I got dectalk to run ok but today it
    Steve> crashed and then I got the dreaded "process speaker
    Steve> not running" error again.  At least yesterday with the
    Steve> prod version of emacspeak, dtk-soft would poop out but
    Steve> I could always restart again with c-e c-s.  I found
    Steve> espeak to be extremely responsive and generally worked
    Steve> well with prod version of espeak.
    Steve> Any ideas? Not sure where to go to fix the voide
    Steve> symbol.
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    Steve> best price!  http://holmesgrown.ld.net/
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