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patches for emacspeak on gentoo linux

I had to undo the tcl8.4 patch because at least on ubuntu 6,
 8.4 randomly segfaults.

Curiously enough it segfaults if you invoke the tcl script as an

I've reverted that patch until we can find out more.

To trigger the segfault on ubuntu --
invoke the dtk-exp script as an example:

q foo
q bar

The above triggers a segfault.

invoking it as tcl <scriptname>
does not trigger the same segfault.

>>>>> "tvr" == T V Raman <raman@users.sf.net> writes:
    tvr> I've applied all 3 patches, thanks.
    tvr> Heads-up to all on the list: All speech servers now use
    tvr> tcl8.4 --- this change has been due for a while.
    tvr> This also means that if you're running something old
    tvr> like RedHat 7 then you're probably out of luck.
    >>>>>> "William" == William Hubbs <williamh@gentoo.org>
    >>>>>> writes:
    William> Hello all, I am the maintainer for the emacspeak
    William> package on gentoo linux.  Recently, I was requested
    William> to make version 26 available.
    William> One of our users reported some issues to me with
    William> emacspeak 26, and I used his information to write
    William> patches against svn emacspeak.  I am attaching them
    William> to this message, and I would like comments, or if it
    William> is possible, could they be encorporated into the
    William> official source?
    William> The first patch (emacspeak-makefile.patch) fixes the
    William> makefile so that the directory servers/linux-espeak
    William> is included in the distribution.  The second patch
    William> (emacspeak-espeak-fix.patch) fixes a compile error
    William> in the tclespeak.cpp source file.  The third patch
    William> (emacspeak-tclx84.patch) converts the tcl scripts to
    William> tcl/tclx 8.4, which is what gentoo is using.
    William> Comments would be appreciated.
    William> Thanks much,
    William> -- William Hubbs gentoo accessibility team lead
    William> williamh@gentoo.org
    tvr> -- Best Regards, --raman
    tvr> Email: raman@users.sf.net WWW:
    tvr> http://emacspeak.sf.net/raman/ AIM: emacspeak GTalk:
    tvr> tv.raman.tv@gmail.com PGP:
    tvr> http://emacspeak.sf.net/raman/raman-almaden.asc Google:
    tvr> tv+raman IRC: irc://irc.freenode.net/#emacs
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Best Regards,

Email:  raman@users.sf.net
WWW:    http://emacspeak.sf.net/raman/
AIM:    emacspeak       GTalk: tv.raman.tv@gmail.com
PGP:    http://emacspeak.sf.net/raman/raman-almaden.asc
Google: tv+raman 
IRC:    irc://irc.freenode.net/#emacs

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