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patches for emacspeak on gentoo linux

I've applied all 3 patches, thanks.

Heads-up to all on the list: All speech servers now use tcl8.4
--- this change has been due for a while.

This also means that if you're running something old like RedHat
7 then you're probably out of luck.

>>>>> "William" == William Hubbs <williamh@gentoo.org> writes:
    William> Hello all, I am the maintainer for the emacspeak
    William> package on gentoo linux.  Recently, I was requested
    William> to make version 26 available.
    William> One of our users reported some issues to me with
    William> emacspeak 26, and I used his information to write
    William> patches against svn emacspeak.  I am attaching them
    William> to this message, and I would like comments, or if it
    William> is possible, could they be encorporated into the
    William> official source?
    William> The first patch (emacspeak-makefile.patch) fixes the
    William> makefile so that the directory servers/linux-espeak
    William> is included in the distribution.  The second patch
    William> (emacspeak-espeak-fix.patch) fixes a compile error
    William> in the tclespeak.cpp source file.  The third patch
    William> (emacspeak-tclx84.patch) converts the tcl scripts to
    William> tcl/tclx 8.4, which is what gentoo is using.
    William> Comments would be appreciated.
    William> Thanks much,
    William> -- William Hubbs gentoo accessibility team lead
    William> williamh@gentoo.org

Best Regards,

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