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Re: Accessing Orkut and more

Robert D. Crawford writes:
I am not sure if there is some way around this.  The browsers
supported under emacspeak don't support javascript.  There is work
done with an interface to mozilla, but it has been a while since I
tried it out and, while it was usable, I did not really check it out
that extensively.

If you mean the Mozilla Spider monkey extensions for Javascript, I've
tested it in other web browsers and yes, it works fine. Of course,
Mozilla Firefox works yet finer.

I have not used speakup.  If you could define "non-emacs application"
might be helpful.  The application needs to run under emacs, whether
that be in a shell or as any standard emacs application e.g. gnus or

I actually mean those applications that run in a shell and people
usually run outside Emacs, such as Mutt mail client, Lynx web browser,
etc. Is it possible for example to customize certain key strokes for
Emacspeak to read specific lines and columns in a shell screen?

Thank you very much


"Be realistic; ask for the impossible."


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