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TTSynth Is Available Again

Dear Friends:

Shortly after we launched TTSynth a few weeks ago, we discovered that
certain users were having problems downloading our software. We closed
our doors tempporarily as a result, and spent the last week debugging
these problems. We believe we have them well solved. Consequently, it is
once again possible to purchase and download TTSynth.


Of course we also provided packages through email to those few customers
who experienced problems with our initial release. We believe there are
now no outstanding issues.

Specifically, we had two problems to fix in our automated download process:

1.)	Customers using Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows were
unable to complete transactions. This is now fixed.

2.)	Some customers using Debian or Ubuntu experienced failures due
to a bug we uncovered in the earlier version of GNU TLS used on these
two distributions. Of course it is very important that your Internet
transaction is properly protected by SSL. This is now also fixed.

Consequently, the premier Text To Speech (TTS) software synthesizer for
Linux is once again available for immediate secure on line purchase and
download using a credit card!

Available Modules Include:
     * IBM's incomparable IBM TTS text to speech (formerly called
     * Gnome-Speech patched for use with LSR and Orca
     * The TTSynth Speakup Bridge for screen reading with Speakup
     * ttsynth_say binary for the CLI or for use in scripts
     * Also supported by Emacspeak KTTS, and Speech Dispatcher

Available Languages For Linux
     * Chinese
     * English
     * Finnish
     * French
     * German
     * Italian
     * Japanese
     * Portuguese
     * Spanish

   The best is also very affordable. Your first language license is only $40 USD
and each additional language license is only $20 USD, when obtained at the
same time.

   Use your credit card to purchase and download TTSynth now, and start
enjoying the best software speech available for Linux today.

Go to http://TTSynth.Com.

We provide TTSynth in both .rpm and .deb packages to make it easy to
install TTSynth on Fedora, Ubuntu, and most Linux distributions which
utilize these package managers.

TTSynth is a product of Capital Accessibility, LLC.


Janina Sajka,	Phone:	+1.202.595.7777;	sip:janina@a11y.org
Partner, Capital Accessibility LLC	http://CapitalAccessibility.Com

Marketing the Owasys 22C talking screenless cell phone in the U.S. and Canada
Learn more at http://ScreenlessPhone.Com

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