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Re: W3m as "blog reader"

Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:

> So is w3m my "blog reader", in the sense Raman mean  and if so, how do
> I subscribe to the url Raman supplies?

Not really.  You can read blogs in atom format using the
emacspeak-atom-display command.  There is a post to get things started
for you here:


The post startsabout 50% through the document... here, at least.

As far as subscribing, I don't think this will get you where _I_ would
want to be with it.  I subscribe to many rss feeds in gnus.  This grabs
the feed automatically, letting me know when it has been updated without
me having to visit the site manually.  

You can enter the addresses of atom feeds via customize, making things a
little better.  You won't have to enter the addresses manually each
time.  You can check out the emacspeak info manual for more
information.  Here is the section from my addition to the manual
concerning feed reading:

/* begin info yank */

emacspeak atom and emacspeak rss

These are fairly simple rss and atom browsers for the emacspeak
desktop.  Using the Customize interface you add feeds in the form of
titles and urls.  Then you call the readers with `C-e C-u' for rss
feeds and use `M-x emacspeak-atom-browse' for atom feeds.  There is also
emacspeak support for newsticker, an rss / atom reader that is a part
of emacs 22, but I have never used it.

   I personally use *note gnus: (gnus)Top, for rss feeds but setting
gnus up for only that purpose is like hunting rabbits with a bazooka.

/* end info yank */

As far as I know, gnus does not support atom at this time but, as I
said, you do not want to have to learn gnus just to read rss.

take care,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

<dracus> Ctrl+Option+Command + P + R
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<LauraDax> hehehehe
<dracus> don't ask what that does :P

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