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Dectalk USB in serial mode

	I've begun trying to get the Dectalk Express server to work with 
my Dectalk USB in serial mode.  Apparently, it is a fully 
backwards-compatible synthesizer--but I'm having trouble.  The Dectalk 
USB is loaded with the latest firmware, but Emacspeak is behaving 
strangely when I start it up.
	One of the most frequent errors it gives is 'Command error in 
parameter', or 'Error in command', particularly when I move point over a 
blank line--isn't it supposed to beep in that case?
	Also, the synthesizer routinely says 'space' every time I type a 
letter, and then continues to say the actual letter I typed.  
	None of this strikes me as backwards-compatible behavior...Any 
help here?

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