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Re: Emacspeak auditory icons

suspect the eflite server's implementation of the queueing of
icons is buggy --- you should report  that to its author.

for the ecord, when asking questions, please state explicitly
what yu're using; I think this is the first time you have said
you're using the eflite server.

>>>>> "zkline" == zkline  <zkline@> writes:
    zkline> Hello, I am using Emacspeak 25, which I installed
    zkline> from the Gentoo Linux ebuild--I've no reason to
    zkline> believe this differs in any significant way from the
    zkline> original distribution.  I'm using Eflite as a speech
    zkline> synthesizer, hence my reference to software speech.
    zkline> The value I'm refering to is found in the Emacspeak
    zkline> Sounds customization group, as 'Emacspeak Auditory
    zkline> Icon Function'.  I'm not entirely sure what each of
    zkline> these functions does different from the others, but
    zkline> the current setting is emacspeak-queue-auditory-icons
    zkline> I hope this helps resolve some of the ambiguity.
    zkline> I'll try to get a debugging backtrace of what happens
    zkline> when I stream content.  Thanks, Zack.
    zkline> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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