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Re: Espeak with Emacspeak 25

zkline@ wrote: 
> 	I was wondering if any difficulties might arise if I wanted to 
> use Emacspeak 25 with Espeak.  Could I just copy the Emacspeak server 
> from the 26 distrubution to the /usr/share/emacspeak/ directory, or 
> where ever?


There are other related files in fact. 
In principle, you can install a new emacspeak version locally instead of
the available official package.
I write the following lines as I remember them, thanks to the other
listers to correct possible typos.
Under your home directory, once emacspeak 26 has been uncompressed,
please type:
make config
make emacspeak
make prefix=/my/new/EmacspeakTarget install

where /my/new/EmacspeakTarget is the absolute pathname to the directory
where the bin and share emacspeak directories will be installed

Then set in your .bash file, the EMACSPEAK_DIR variable accordingly.

And instead of calling /usr/bin/emacspeak,
call /my/new/Emacspeak_target/bin/emacspeak

Best regards,


Oralux.org http://association.oralux.org

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