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emacspeak and emacs 22 GTK bug?


I dont trust pre-built versions of Emacs, so I'm not going to
pull a particular build of Emacs that you might have gotten.

It looks like you have a bad  build as best as I can tell.

The trust-worthy means of verifying if there is a problem with
Emacs built against GTK is to:

A) Pull the CVS version of Emacs 22
B) ./configure --with-toolkit=gtk

I've done this last week and as you saw,  it did not reproduce
the bizarre behavior you're reporting.
I suggest you write to the person who built the emacs-gtk that
you pulled.

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:
    Tim> Hi Raman, I've updated to a later version of emacs 22
    Tim> GTK version (from 1st May) and I'm still getting the
    Tim> same problem. However, I have noticed something else a
    Tim> little odd. I was wondering if you could check the
    Tim> version you have to see if it is the same.
    Tim> After starting emacs 22 GTK version with emacspeak
    Tim> loaded, if I do a describe function on view-file, it
    Tim> does not mention anything about the function being
    Tim> advised. However, if I do an apropos for view-file,
    Tim> there is a ad-Orig-view-file entry.
    Tim> If I do the same thing with the non-GTK version, the
    Tim> describe function returns the expected note at the end
    Tim> about the function being advised by emacspeak. So, it
    Tim> looks like something is not right as they should both
    Tim> report exactly the same thing.
    Tim> Note that view-file works fine until you load another
    Tim> piece of advice on that function. Then you get the
    Tim> max-lisp-eval-depth exceeded error. This does not occur
    Tim> with the non-GTK version.
    Tim> In my case, this problem arises with my txutils package
    Tim> as it defines some advice on view-file. Note that there
    Tim> are no issues if I load my package without emacspeak. It
    Tim> is only when the two are loaded the error occurs.
    Tim> Could you start emacs 22 GTK version and just have a
    Tim> look at the describe function for view-file and see if
    Tim> it reports that the function has been advised. If it
    Tim> doesn't, then we either have an issue with emacspeak or
    Tim> with the GTK version of emacs.
    Tim> thanks,
    Tim> Tim
    Tim> P.S. I have also setup an old box and am using this for
    Tim> testing. I'm not loading any other packages apart from
    Tim> emacspeak and my txutils utility. This is to eliminate
    Tim> the chance of the problem being due to some unexpected
    Tim> interaction with another package that is being
    Tim> loaded. I'm trying to get things down to a bare minimum.
    Tim> -- Tim Cross tcross@rapttech.com.au
    Tim> There are two types of people in IT - those who do not
    Tim> manage what they understand and those who do not
    Tim> understand what they manage.
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