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new patches

Attached are several patches...

To emacspeak-advice.el the functions next-buffer and previous-buffer
have been advised.

In emacspeak-webutils.el a new function has been written to open the
link in the "other" browser, e.g. emacs-w3m if your default browser is
w3 and vice-versa.

In emacspeak-w3m.el a keybinding has been added to call the above
function.  It is bound to C-<return>.  I tried to add the same
functionality on the same key in w3 but kept getting an error.  I tried
to add the following code which caused a compilation error in

;; this needs to be in the proper keymap function
(define-key w3-mode-map (kbd "<C-return>") 'emacspeak-webutils-open-in-other-browser)

I did first try "\C-\r" (which I _think_ is correct) but it didn't work.

In emacspeak-ibuffer.el there are too many changes to list here.  Almost
all functions have been advised, save for the filter groups stuff.  I
will be making an attempt to knock these out soon.  Any comments from
people who use ibuffer will be greatly appreciated.  I have just started
using it myself and really dig it.

Comments welcome,

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