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What ever happened to view-process-mode?

I still use it. I'll place a copy in the contrib area of the
emacspeak svn repository.

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:
    Greg> Hi, Did anything ever replace view-process-mode?  I
    Greg> have had several occasions lately where I wished I
    Greg> still had it.  Or is it still arround?  If so I did not
    Greg> find it when I just went looking.  Can someone post a
    Greg> link to it?
    Greg> I found top-mode at
    Greg> http://osdir.com/ml/emacs.sources/2004-07/msg00032.html
    Greg> but of course it is not speech enabled the way
    Greg> view-process-mode was.
    Greg> Is there another tool for manipulating running
    Greg> processes from within emacspeak?
    Greg> Sorry if I am asking the obvious, but tonight is one of
    Greg> those times I feel like I can't find my way out of a
    Greg> papper bag.
    Greg> Thanks,
    Greg> -Greg
    Greg> --
    Greg>  Greg Priest-Dorman priestdo@cs.vassar.edu
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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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