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SVN Emacspeak error

Hi Raman and others,

Just a heads up to let you know that current svn versions of emacspeak are
breaking emacs 22's calendar functionality. The problem is that running make
install is not installing the g-client stuff (nor is it getting automatically
built when you do a make emacspeak). However, the calendar load hook is getting
updated to load gcal-emacs-calendar-setup, which fails because gcal.el has not
been installed. 

Note that as this is SVN emacspeak, these sort of glitches are to be expected
and this e-mail is just to alert others who may be running from the SVN version
to the issue. It is not what I would call a 'bug' in the strict sense. although
I've not done it, I suspect the problem goes away if you manually install the
g-client stuff (which I will try next). 

I have included a stack trace in case my explination is not clear or incorrect
so that you can see what is happening. 

Also, I've noticed that from the svn sources, if you do a make install, it also
installs the .svn directories. This can cause problems with later make installs
because some of the files in the .svn directories don't have write permission.
Not a big problem, but good to know if your seeing make install errors. Many
svn users woldn't even notice as they are probably just running straight from
the svn directory tree. I'm not doing this as I do builds for emacs 21 and
emacs 22, which I keep in different source trees. I have my emacspeak load
stuff configured so that it selects the source tree appropriate for the version
of emacs I'm running. 


Debugger entered--Lisp error: (file-error "Cannot open load file" "gcal")
  apply(run-hooks calendar-mode-hook)

Tim Cross

There are two types of people in IT - those who do not manage what they 
understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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