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Re: This is off-topic? perhaps.

Jerry Sievers writes:
 > Sorry fgor top posting.   Too much text below. 
 > PDF docs after filtering into plain text usually contain form-feed
 > chars; that is, Control-L.  Your Control-x l is giving the line count
 > from within only what page your'e sitting. 
 > My Emacs  21.4 does nothing on Control-x w so I'm not sure what you're
 > referring to. 

Hi Jerry,

I  did give the command which `C-x w' runs on my machine: it is

I don't think  the problem   concerns "line ending: conventions. 
I have tried saving it after doing `C-x <RET> unix' or save as dos
the disparity between the response of `C-x w' and `C-x l' (which is
count-lines-page)  persists nevertheless.

Thanks for the response.

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