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Language switching

This is nice, I'll grab and apply the patch.

>>>>> "Gilles" == Gilles Casse <gcasse@oralux.org> writes:
    Gilles> Dr Raman, all, Since 2005, we have a basic patch for
    Gilles> switching the language of viavoice on the fly. The
    Gilles> users presses a key, and the next available language
    Gilles> is selected.
    Gilles> This patch has been extended to eSpeak.
    Gilles> If you are interested, the patch for outloud and
    Gilles> espeak is available at:
    Gilles> http://oralux.org/tmp/emacspeak/emacspeak-svn-4432-lsw-1.patch
    Gilles> More details: The dtk-set-next-language function
    Gilles> switches to the next available language.
    Gilles> Using viavoice, this function will switch from one
    Gilles> installed language to the next one.
    Gilles> Using eSpeak, the user may uncomment the wished
    Gilles> languages in the linux-espeak/tclespeak.cpp file, and
    Gilles> compile again this speech server.  By default, as
    Gilles> example, French and English are enabled.
    Gilles> Best regards,
    Gilles> Gilles
    Gilles> -- Oralux http://oralux.org
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Best Regards,

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