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Re: Emacspeak with doubletalk LT. "process speaker not running" on gentoo


I now have the doubletalk server working. The orginal problem was I am
running tcl8.4 and there are big changes between tcl8.4 and tcl8.3.

I made the doubletalk server an executable file and added the following
two lines to the start of it. 
package require Tclx

Per suggestions of Tim Cross and T.V. Raman, I changed all the file0 to
stdin in the doubletalk server and the program worked.

At a later date I will install tcl8.3 and see if doubletalk will work
with these changes while running tcl8.3.

I still have some other things to work out.  I am running emacspeak 24
and a much newer verson of Doubletalk LT than the one you wrote the
initial server to drive.  I have been hacking the server program and I
now have it coming up with a fairly slow voice and it introduces itself
when I run doubletalk from the shell.  However, if I start it from
emacspeak it immediately speaks a lot of garbage characters and at a
much faster rate. 

I think some of the problem is the new Doubletalk LT is based upon the
RCsys RC8650 chip set.  For example, the command you used in the server
to interrogate the Doubletalk LT to determine the version does not seem
to be supported with the newer Doubletalk LT and this is one of the
hacks I have done to get this far.

I am currently working though the clean procedure and comparing it to
the dectalk versions of the clean procedure because I think that is the
area where I am getting the garbage characters.  I found a dectalk
manual on line and downloaded the RC8650 programming manual from RCsys.

It is great to know that you are still around and once I get further in
understanding this I will get it to you for discussion.

Gary Fox

On Wed, 2007-03-14 at 20:20 -0400, James R. Van Zandt wrote:
> Gary -
> Please install the emacspeak-ss package, read
> /usr/share/doc/emacspeak-ss/TROUBLESHOOTING.gz, run
> /usr/share/doc/emacspeak-ss/testit as described there, and send me a
> copy of the file tcl.log.  I may be able to figure it out.
>               - Jim Van Zandt
> p.s. yes, I get *way* behind reading my mail.

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