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multiple audio sources; controlling volume independently

not sure what you're asking. Play with the softvol device, it
amounts to hacking the .asoundrc.

Be careful when you do that, messing up will  lose all sound.

>>>>> "C" == C M Brannon <cmbrannon@cox.net> writes:
    C> Hi listers, Several weeks ago, I discovered one of the
    C> joys of software synthesis and ALSA.  I can play music and
    C> listen to synthesized speech through the same set of
    C> headphones!  Using emms or emacspeak-m-player, one can do
    C> all of this from a running emacs!  There's a slight
    C> problem with this setup: the music often drowns the
    C> synthesizer.  Today I found a solution on the ALSA wiki.
    C> You create a "softvol" device, and route the media
    C> player's output through it.  Then, you can set the volume
    C> of the softvol device independently of the synth.  Has
    C> anyone else dealt with this issue?  How did you solve it?
    C> -- Chris
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