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Re: emacspeak-rss-browse

Robert D. Crawford writes ("Re: emacspeak-rss-browse"):
> Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
> > The RSS feed you are trying to view works for me with w3m. I cannot
> > try w3 because some update seem to have broken it again. 
> Just curious, but which updates?  I updated emacspeak and emacs 2 days
> ago and have not seen any updates posted to w3 in a very long time.  

Hi Robert,

Sorry for being unclear. Upon closer inspection, the update was not to
w3. I think the problem is that I installed the w3-url-el package
during my last emacspeak svn update session because
emacspeak-websearch complained about its absence during compilation.
My locally install url version is not visible during the compilation
process, probably because emacs is started in such a way that my
.emacs file is not evaluated, but the global Debian one that loads the
system wide url package is.

Now, when I do w3-fetch, I get:

error in process sentinel: Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil

I guess I should remove the Debian package again because it seems to
interfere with the locally installed url library, so the whole ting is
probably ultimately my own fault. Anyway, I guess I was a bit
frustrated when writing my previous message because this is not the
first time I have managed to break w3 or url in a subtle way. I hope I
will soon get myself to switch to emacs 22 completely where the url
package is built in.

Best regards, Lukas

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