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Re: emacspeak-rss-browse

The RSS feed you are trying to view works for me with w3m. I cannot
try w3 because some update seem to have broken it again. Anyway, you should
take a look at the temporary file crated in /tmp and check if its
contents looks like valid HTML. You must do this while the *Backtrace*
window is open, because otherwise, the file will probably be deleted
before you get to it.  You can see the name of the file in the backtrace:

>   w3-fetch-callback("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer  *xslt result*>)

The name will of course be different in your case. If the file
looks good, try viewing it with w3 or w3m. If it does not work, try
renaming the file so that it has a .html extension and try viewing it
in a browser again. The above is not a solution to your problem but
some things I would try to nail the cause of the problem.

Best rgards, Lukas

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