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When I run emacspeak-rss-browse, via c-e c-u, I get a request to save
the mime part to a file, rather than the output being displayed
directly, which would of course be better.  My brain has reached the
limit of its racking, such as it is, and I'd appreciate help.  

I'm running emacs 21.4 on debian stable, with emacspeak 25.0.  I've
attached the debug-on-quit output.



emacspeak@cs.vassar.eduDebugger entered--Lisp error: (quit)
  ad-Orig-read-file-name("Save MIME part to: " "/home/rob" nil nil nil)
  read-file-name("Save MIME part to: " "/home/rob")
  mm-save-part((#<buffer  *mm*> ("application/octet-stream") nil nil nil nil nil nil))
  mm-display-external((#<buffer  *mm*> ("application/octet-stream") nil nil nil nil nil nil) mailcap-save-binary-file)
  mm-display-part((#<buffer  *mm*> ("application/octet-stream") nil nil nil nil nil nil))
  ad-Orig-w3-fetch-callback("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer  *xslt result*>)
  w3-fetch-callback("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer  *xslt result*>)
  apply(w3-fetch-callback ("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer  *xslt result*>))
  url-file-asynch-callback(nil nil "/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer  *url-file*> w3-fetch-callback ("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer  *xslt result*>))
  url-file(["file" nil nil nil 21 "/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil nil nil] w3-fetch-callback ("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer  *xslt result*>))
  url-retrieve("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" w3-fetch-callback ("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer  *xslt result*>))
  browse-url-w3("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil)
  apply(browse-url-w3 "file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil)
  browse-url-default-browser("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil)
  apply(browse-url-default-browser "file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil)
  emacspeak-w3-browse-xml-url-with-style("/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/xsl/rss.xsl" "http://www.bbc.co.uk/syndication/feeds/news/ukfs_news/front_page/rss091.xml"; unescape-charent)
  emacspeak-rss-display("http://www.bbc.co.uk/syndication/feeds/news/ukfs_news/front_page/rss091.xml"; speak)
  emacspeak-rss-browse("BBC News")

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