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Re: new emacspeak-auctex.el was Re: Pronunciation in LaTeX + Auctex mode

Hi Chris,

Your changes do exactly what is needed! Better than what you say.
The following was written in a LaTeX buffer:

When I type ``foo'' I hear open `open quotes' the first time, `closing
quotes' the second time. But if I type
`G\"{o}del'' I hear `double quotes'  this time.  

Thanks again.

C.M. Brannon writes:

 > Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:
 > > Hi Chris,
 > > Your new emacspeak-auctex.el certainly takes care of my problem. Of
 > > course, I do not know Emacs Lisp; so am unable to say if the code is
 > > satisfactory or not.
 > >
 > > I just  visited the  file and  did `M-x eval-buffer'  and since then,
 > > in LaTeX mode " is being spoken as opening or closing quotes. Will
 > > this become incorporated into Emacspeak from later versions?
 > Hi Kalyan,
 > Here's another point worth noting about AucTeX: if you type two consecutive
 > " characters, you get the double quote, just as you would with C-q "
 > With my code, Emacspeak says "open quote, double quote", because it can't
 > predict that the character after the first " will be another quote.  That's
 > a bit confusing, IMHO.
 > By the way, TVR wrote another version of the AucTex code before I sent mine.
 > You can find it in the latest revision from subversion.
 > This is probably the change that gets incorporated into Emacspeak...
 > Take care,
 > -- Chris

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