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Re: espeakf slow speech rate

I've never used espeakf -- nor has it been supported by the
emacspeak code base; I guess it just happened to work.

Question is -- what is espeakf doing that causes it to use
espeak's settings. 

For future please camel-case espeakF  so that one can distinguish
it  aurally from espeak --- 

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert J Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:
    Robert> Lukas Loehrer writes if I understand you correctly,
    Robert> you are trying to use espeakf which is a speech
    Robert> server for festival and not espeak.
    Robert> Yes.  It is not the best, but it was documented
    Robert> several years ago.
    Robert>     The support for espeak was introduced in
    Robert> emacspeak during the time you are mentioning in your
    Robert> post.
    Robert> So Emacspeak is confusing the two.  What should I do?
    Robert> Simply commenting out
    Robert>    ((string-match "espeak" tts-name)
    Robert> (espeak-configure-tts))
    Robert> in tts-configure-synthesis-setup does no good.
    Robert> Besides, many people will want to use espeak rather
    Robert> than espeakf.
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