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espeakf slow speech rate

`espeakf' speaks slowly and I cannot change the speech rate.  This
happened on or before 23 January 2007 but after 18 January 2007.

Was it the introduction of the   servers/espeak  
patch on 19 January, revision 4333? 

An old copy of CVS Emacs from 2 January 2007 had no effect, but an old
copy of SVN Emacspeak from 2 Jan 2007 did permit me to change speeds
with both the older copy of CVS Emacs and today's version.  So it is
not Emacs.

I checked the SVN Emacspeak revisions of 18 January 2007 and 24
January 2007, too.  I could change the speech rate for 18 January 2007
but not for 24 January 2007.  So it is a file in Emacspeak.  The file
`servers/espeak' got added on 19 January 2007, revision 4333

I takes me a long time to check out, build, and test old revisions.
To be safe, I put them in different directories.  So the best I can do
is tell you that between 18 and 24 January 2007 something changed in
Emacspeak that stopped espeakf from changing its speech rate.

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