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Auditory Icons: How necessary are they?

>>>>> "Kalyan" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:
    Kalyan> 2. I find auditory icons quite useful; nothing

M-x emacspeak-play-all-icons has always done this. 

Personally I dont consider it very useful for what you are asking
for i.e. "learning the icons".

As designed, the icons are supposed to "grow on you" you're not
supposed to have to memorize them conciously.

If you really want to play them one at a time and see what each
one sounds like, write yourself a little for loop at the shell.

    Kalyan> essential but nonannoying and a nice
    Kalyan> embellishment. Is there a command which will play all
    Kalyan> the icons serially? I am sure there used to be such a
    Kalyan> facility in emacspeak-14 where I started. The reason
    Kalyan> is that often one hears an icon and I cannot remember
    Kalyan> what it signifies.
    Kalyan> Visiting the 8k-defaults buffer using dired and going
    Kalyan> to each file and doing ! aplay is laborious!
    Kalyan> Cheers.  Kalyan
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