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Auditory Icons: How necessary are they?

Hi Zachary and Robert,

This is about Two things:

1. w3m speaking out the url under point instead of the text:

I am using eflite and so no voice lock. I find this feature useful in
knowing when to press RET. If I cannot figure out what the text is
from the recitation of the url, I do `C-e l' and sometimes when  I
know that the url is a google cache, I do C-e down to find out the
title of the url on the next line.

I tried suppressing this behaviour using Zach's code, but I prefer
things as it is.

2. I find auditory icons quite useful; nothing essential but
   nonannoying and a nice embellishment. Is there a command which will
   play all the icons serially? I am sure there used to be such a
   facility in emacspeak-14 where I started. The reason is that often
   one hears an icon and I cannot remember  what it signifies.

Visiting the 8k-defaults buffer using dired and going to each file and
doing ! aplay is laborious!


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