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Re: The State of Web Browsing in Emacspeak [very long]

Hi Rob,

Rob Hill <robhill@es.co.nz> writes:

> What may be usefully included in the tips and tricks section of your
> emacs-w3m document is the following:

Thanks for the message.  How quickly we forget.  I had this problem, and
the solution presented to me was to add this to my ~/.emacs-w3m file:

(remove-hook 'w3m-after-cursor-move-hook

>  (add-hook 'w3m-after-cursor-move-hook (lambda ()
>  (emacspeak-speak-messages nil)))
> seems to have fixed it permanently.  

Do you still get other messages after the hook exits?   If both
solutions work and there is no difference in effect then I say OK.  It
does seem to me that the better solution would be the one that removes
the offending function from the hook, as this still allows other
messages, whatever they might be, to be heard.

> I'm sure there are more elegant solutions, but as a non-professional I
> have to settle for function rather than elegance.

If it works for you with no unintended side effects then I see nothing
wrong with it.  Function is, after all, the goal.

Thanks again for bringing this back to mind,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

Alright, you!!  Imitate a WOUNDED SEAL pleading for a PARKING SPACE!!

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