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re: The State of Web Browsing in Emacspeak [very long]

Hello Robert, 

What may be usefully included in the tips and tricks section of your
emacs-w3m document is the following:

I have a Debian stable installation.  When first installed, emacs-w3m
read out the full url of each link when this link was tabbed to,
rather than any text label, making browsing too slow.  Searching the
emacspeak list archive told me that toggling off
emacspeak-toggle-speak-messages (c-e q)fixed this behaviour, which it did
temporarily, until e.g. I run a search on a web page, when the
annoying behaviour returns.  Adding the line , 

 (add-hook 'w3m-after-cursor-move-hook (lambda ()
 (emacspeak-speak-messages nil)))

seems to have fixed it permanently.  

I'm sure there are more elegant solutions, but as a non-professional I
have to settle for function rather than elegance.


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