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Emacspeak successfully running under Windows

	I've recently had some success getting Emacspeakto run under Windows--well, technically it's under a Linux emulator.  However, it still works quite well.
The emulation I use is called CoLinux, or Cooperative Linux.  
It's available from www.colinux.org.
I was able to get Emacspeak to speak using Eflite by using a copy of the Enlightened Sound Daemon under Windows as a source of audio output.  Granted, I do have some trouble with Eflite being too fast for this mechanism sometimes, and overrunning itself, but it is still quite remarkable that it works at all.
I was wondering if anybody else has had similar experience, or can recommend to me a software synthesizer with better voice quality?  (I can't deal with Eflite much longer...)
Thanks much,
PS: If anybody's interested in more details of my procedure, I'll be glad to answer any questions.

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