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The State of Web Browsing in Emacspeak [very long]

So just finished reading the entire thing, great job!
And apologies for the email message about "e a" and "e s",
I typed that as soon as I read your paragraph on w3m and

Additional tip on w3 slowness:

If you turn on xslt all the time, 
and use either sort tables or identity.xsl then w3 rendering
speeds up --- since a side-effect of doing the above is to create
clean, balanced html and that relieves W3 of a lot of pain that
it otherwise suffers in rendering badly authored html.

Using sort-tables also speeds up rendering because rendering
nested tables is really slow (in all browsers --- it's just more
noticeable in Emacs/W3).

Finally, there  should be little to know repetition in
functionality in the tools in emacspeak-url-template vs

emacspeak-websearch has all the search engines you want; url
template is slightly broader.

Also, emacspeak-websearch came first (circa 1998) I believe url
templates came around 2000.

You could probably implement everything emacspeak-websearch as
url templates, but I dont believe there are url templates that
duplicate functionality in emacspeak-websearch  to the best of my memory.

Best Regards,

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