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emacspeak-w3-xslt-filter The State of Web Browsing in Emacspeak [very long]

Command: emacspeak-w3-xslt-filter

apply xslt filter and speak the result.

Surprized you asked about this one --- it basically is a work
horse command for exploring pages and is extremely useful.

It prompts for an expression.
By default nodes matching this expression are displayed; if you
invoke it with a prefix arg (C-u)
the XPath expression acts as a filter, i.e. nodes not matching
that expression are returned.

Note that this command operates on the url of the current buffer,
contrast with command 
 e p  runs the command emacspeak-w3-xpath-filter-and-follow
which essentially does the same thing -- but to the url under

Command emacspeak-w3-xslt-filter is very useful in picking out
parts of a page -- as an example specifying //form will get you
all fill-in forms on a page.

Best Regards,

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