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emacspeak-w3-url-expand-and-execute The State of Web Browsing in Emacspeak [very long]

Command: emacspeak-w3-url-expand-and-execute
This is another  very useful command in specialized W3 buffers.

As the name/documentation indicate, it "executes" the URL under
point after doing some processing to the URL.

It's more complex  than the   "apply a pattern to a url" command
described in the previous message; 
here the transformation is specified through an "executor " Lisp
function --- and is for use in cases where a simple pattern match
type of rewrite is not enough.

I wrote this for use with the BBC's various audio on demand
sites, and it's used to advantage by url template "BBC channel on

As an example, try 
C-e u "bbc chann tab"
and specify radio4. You'll get a customized web page showing
their various shows that are available for the week.

Now, if you just hit enter to follow the links on this page,
you'll get taken to another Web page that talks about the show,
and contains a play link buried somewhere.

Instead, hit "e e"
and Emacspeak will grab the URL under point, apply a BBC specific
transform to that URL and hand it off to mplayer for playing.

To see how this magic is implemented, see the code for the URL
template "bbc channel on demand";
notice that it sets up an appropriate function as the "executor"
for the results buffer.

If a buffer has no executor defined and you press "e e",
emacspeak will prompt you for an executor function with completion.

Best Regards,

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