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Re: useful tool: openwith.el

Peter Rayner <peter.rayner@cea.fr> writes:

>>error in process sentinel: css-expand-color: Arithmetic range error: "round", -1.0e+INF
>>error in process sentinel: Arithmetic range error: "round", -1.0e+INF

> This is, I think, due to a common error in css definitions that lead
> to them missing a semi-colon.  I have a tiny patch to the function
> css-expand in the emacs/w3 package.  It's tricky because it's not a
> bug in css-expand so I'm not keen to suggest it as a patch to
> w3/emacs and I haven't managed to set up an advice mechanism to
> include it in emacspeak so it gets loaded only as necessary.  Is
> eval-after-load helpful here? 

I am not sure if eval-after-load will work, not because I am trying to
say "That won't work" in a nice way but because I really don't know.

As far as patching code that works around an error in a common css
mistake, even if the css code will work in such cases I think it would
be in the browser's best interest to get the issue resolved.  If the css
practice we are referring to is technically correct, then this is a bug
in w3.

This makes me think of the netscape and explorer "extensions" of html.
While not standard, since they are dominant the extensions must be coded
in to other browsers to make them work correctly with the page.

>>I have w3-honor-stylesheets set to nil.  And have my own stylesheet that
>>is supposed to take precedence with most everything defined that can be

> I noticed this too.  I solved the problem before getting to the base
> of the css loading logic but it appeared that the stylesheet was
> parsed even if it wasn't going to be applied.

In cases other than this one I really don't care that the stylesheet
gets parsed.  I think it probably slows things down a little to have the
stylesheet parsed but if you are using w3, you really don't mind an
extra second or two.  My problem, and by problem I mean gripe, is that
even with this variable set w3 still applies css to the page.  I think
this behavior is broken but haven't had the time, and maybe I don't have
the skills either, to take a look and fix it.

> I can send the patch if you want to test it offline but I'd welcome
> advice about how to include it in the system.

I'll take a look at it, if you would like.  Maybe I'll have an idea on
what can be done about it.  I do think that, if this is something that
should be done in w3 then it should eventually go to the w3
maintainers so that all the w3 users benefit.  

This does raise the issue again of why we see the problem but others,
presumably Dr. Ramen included, don't.

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

semper en excretus

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