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error when switching buffers

I am trying this one more time.  I have recently added my gmail account
to my gnus setup and I think that might be the problem.

Sorry for all the unnecessary traffic,

I have recently started having a problem I cannot duplicate
consistently.  After using an emacs session for a little while, way less
than one day, when I switch to a new buffer the name of the previous
buffer is spoken afterward.  For example:

C-x b 
accept the default

Speaks the name of the active buffer and then, in a slightly softer
voice speaks the name of the previously active buffer, in the case
mentioned above, it says:

Minibuf 1

Here are the version numbers:

GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu) of 2007-01-18 on t40

emacspeak-version: "25.0 Revision nil"
I installed the latest svn version yesterday.

"WWW p4.0pre.47 2001/10/01"
this is also the latest version I can get via cvs

If I restart emacs, the problem goes away for a while.  It seems that
the problem occurs when using w3, but I have noticed it only twice in
this manner.  The other times I was not paying as much attention to what
I was doing.

Searching the archive yielded no results.

Thanks for any help or advice,

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

"I once witnessed a long-winded, month-long flamewar over the use of
mice vs. trackballs...It was very silly."
(By Matt Welsh)

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