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Re: espeak and emacspeak

Hi Gilles --

First off, cudos to you for a really clean/complete
implementation of the espeak server it works very well.

The advantage with going through portaudio is that we remain
Linux independent i.e. things will work on non-Linux unixens like
Solaris. The disadvantage is that we end up depending on one more

Given that the espeak API provides one the ability to get back
wave buffers and process it , perhaps you could clone the ALSA
output routines from linux-outloud/atcleci.cpp into the espeak
server? That code in atcleci.cpp is well tested and has been
working well --- it would make the espeak server self-standing on
Linux environments.

This will make installs easier especially given the present
situation with two major versions of portaudio floating around,
and ubuntu tending to provide v18 through the package maangement
system at present.

>>>>> "Gilles" == Gilles Casse <gcasse@oralux.org> writes:
    Gilles> T. V. Raman writes:
    >> Also, the default ubuntu portaudio packages are v18 --
    >> I'll need to pull the sources of portaudio and compile v19
    >> to get alsa support.
Thanks for having checked in the patch!
    Gilles> After a try on another PC, this evening, eSpeak +
    Gilles> PortAudio V19 did not not allow sound mixing. I will
    Gilles> try if possible to dig this.
    Gilles> Best regards,
    Gilles> Gilles
    Gilles> -- Oralux http://oralux.org
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Best Regards,

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