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Re: emacspeak-websearch-weather starts Galeon unless ...

that's bound to c-e u

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert J Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:
    Robert>    Actually use the rss weather url template it's
    Robert> more reliable anyway:-) Yes!  Thank you.  It works
    Robert> fine for my location.
    Robert> For those without experience with
    Robert> `emacspeak-url-template-fetch', do the following:
    Robert>     M-x emacspeak-url-template-fetch
    Robert> At the prompt for Resource: type rss, which is
    Robert> completed to
    Robert>     rss weather from wunderground
    Robert> then either accept the default (which has state and
    Robert> city reversed in the prompt) or enter some other
    Robert> location, such as
    Robert>     MA/Lenox_Dale
    Robert> Also, when I type `France/Paris', to the state and
    Robert> city prompt, I see the current weather there.  The
    Robert> command works in Europe (and presumably the other
    Robert> regions for which http://www.wunderground.com/ has
    Robert> weather).
    Robert> -- Robert J. Chassell GnuPG Key ID: 004B4AC8
    Robert> bob@rattlesnake.com bob@gnu.org
    Robert> http://www.rattlesnake.com http://www.teak.cc
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