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Re: revised patches

I'd suggest using variables that get funcalled in
emacspeak-webutils, and have these variables appropriately
defined by emacspeak-w3 or emacspeak-w3m. It's still not perfect
because you would not be able to easily switch back and forth
between the two --- of course we could also  update  the wizard
use-w3-or-w3m to swap out the variable settings.

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert D Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
    Robert> "T. V. Raman" <raman@users.sf.net> writes:
    >> I've applied your latest patches.
    Robert> Thanks.
> However, emacspeak-webutils needs more work if we are to avoid
    >> creating infinite levels of dependencies between w3 and
    >> w3m.
    >> Since emacspeak-w3 and emacspeak-w3m *both* include
    >> emacspeak-webutils --- module emacspeak-webutils should be
    >> coded with 0 references to either w3 or w3m.
    Robert> I've been trying to wrap my head around this and am
    Robert> coming up with nil.  I can't figure out a way to
    Robert> accomplish this without writing functions that will
    Robert> return the current url, title, and url under point
    Robert> from the buffer irrespective of the mode.
    Robert> If there is an example of where you have done the
    Robert> sort of thing you have in mind, point me in the right
    Robert> direction, please.  My elisp skills are pretty basic
    Robert> and I am not sure about where to start looking.
    Robert> Thanks for your help,
    Robert> rdc -- Robert D. Crawford rdc1x@comcast.net
    Robert> Knocked, you weren't in.  -- Opportunity
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Best Regards,

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