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Remote emacspeak system for peer review

Nice work.

Re: auditory icons, this should work -- try setting
to emacspeak-serve-auditory-icons via custom.

>>>>> "Jerry" == Jerry Sievers <jerry@jerrysievers.com> writes:
    Jerry> Dear list; I've been using emacspeak on remote
    Jerry> machines quite a lot and about a year ago proposed a
    Jerry> method for doing so even in cases where the local
    Jerry> machine is hidden behind a firewall.  I am not aware
    Jerry> of a shared implementation of this yet but confess to
    Jerry> being only loosely connected to what's going on here
    Jerry> lately.
    Jerry> In any case, I've commented and made available on the
    Jerry> web the essential bits and invite anyone who may be
    Jerry> interested to give it a look.  Link follows and please
    Jerry> see the 'notes' file for some narrative;
    Jerry> http://emacspeak.jerrysievers.com/remote/
    Jerry> Thanks!
    Jerry> --
    Jerry> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Jerry> Jerry Sievers 305 854-3001 (home) Production Database
    Jerry> Administrator 305 321-1144 (mobil WWW E-Commerce
    Jerry> Consultant
    Jerry> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Best Regards,

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