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revised patches

I've applied your latest patches.

However, emacspeak-webutils needs more work if we are to avoid
 creating infinite  levels of dependencies between w3 and w3m.

Since emacspeak-w3 and emacspeak-w3m *both* include
emacspeak-webutils ---
module emacspeak-webutils  should be coded with 0 references to
either w3 or w3m.

With the above in mind, check the following warnings that show up
when compiling emacspeak-webutils:

emacs -batch -q -no-site-file  -l ".."/lisp/emacspeak-load-path.el -l ".."/lisp/emacspeak-loaddefs.el -l ".."/lisp/emacspeak-cus-load.el  -f batch-byte-compile emacspeak-webutils.el
Loading vc-svn...

In end of data:
emacspeak-webutils.el:250:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to
    be defined: w3m-current-title, w3-view-this-url,
Wrote /home/raman/emacs/lisp/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-webutils.elc

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert D Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
    Robert> Here are revised patches for what I posted the other
    Robert> day.  They are built on a clean svn download for this
    Robert> morning, 01.14.07.
    Robert> I noticed in using php-mode that the c-indent-command
    Robert> was not advised.  This has been fixed.
    Robert> As concerns webutils, the only real change from what
    Robert> I said before is that now the function to untranscode
    Robert> the url under point now works as advertised.  It
    Robert> seems that google added a "no img" tag to the end of
    Robert> the url and that was screwing things up.  I cannot
    Robert> for the life of me figure out why the function that
    Robert> untranscodes the current url does not work.  The url
    Robert> that is returned seems to be correct.
    Robert> The only real changes for w3 and w3m are that they
    Robert> now call the webutils versions of the appropriate
    Robert> functions and the duplicate functions have been
    Robert> removed.
    Robert> In the websearch file, autoloads have been added.
    Robert> We now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday
    Robert> morning, rdc -- Robert D. Crawford rdc1x@comcast.net
    Robert> Changing husbands/wives is only changing troubles.
    Robert> -- Kathleen Norris

Best Regards,

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