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Re: patches

Robert D. Crawford writes ("patches "):
> As concerns other duplicate functions, they are the xslt functions and
> their assorted support code.  Although I have not taken a detailed look
> at the code, I know _absolutely_ nothing about the transforms and how
> they work and do not feel comfortable making changes.

Hi Robert,

As for the xslt stuff in w3m, I can take a look at the situation once
your patches are checked in. In emacs 22 w3 and w3m can share most of
the xslt code as far as I can tell. There are problems with emacs 21
though, but maybe we can do a temporary hack for that. Also, the
advice for w3m-create-text-page is only used for xslt at the moment, but
it is a very important hook because at this point, the raw HTML is
available in a buffer but no rendering has taken place yet. So, it is
a good opportunity do do all sorts of things and should not be
completely discarded.

Best regards, Lukas

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