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moving to TTSynth in debian or ubuntu

Hi Folks,

I just purchased ttsynth and moved my emacspeak setup to use it.  I
thought I would document what I did for others.  If I recal this is
the same procedure we did on debian systems in the past to work with
outloud but I did not see it on the list unless I looked back quite a
few years so I thought I would make a post of it.  

It basicaly comes down to 2 changes to a Makefile and 2 changes to
my .bashrc.

I am currently running emacspeak version 24 on an xubuntu system that
is now running 7.10 but started life much earlier.  I had been running
dtk-soft as my synthesizer.  I am using tcl8.3.    

First of course I purchased ttsynth online. I requested my ttsynth
package to be in deb format and downloaded it.

I installed the package with the command:

  sudo dpkg -i ttsynthcore-1.0-i386.deb

I had no dependency problems with the install.  Some are warned about
in the README file.  If you have any you will of course need to
install any missing packages.

Next I went to do the "make" in

There were a few problems. I needed 2 packages I did not already have
on this system, tcl8.3-dev and libtool, so I installed them with the

 sudo apt-get install tcl8.3-dev libtool

I also had to edit the Makefile (version 24.0 ) in the linux-outloud
directory in 2 places.

I added "-I/usr/include/tcl8.3" to the end of the CFLAGS line so it
would find tcl.h and on the LIBS line I changed "-ltcl" to read
"-ltcl8.3" which if I recal is a debian thing. When done those 2 lines
were now:

CFLAGS=   -g    -O2 -fPIC  -DPIC -pedantic -ansi -Wall -I/usr/include/tcl8.3
LIBS= -ltcl8.3 -ldl

With these changes in place I could then compile in that directory
with the command:

 sudo make

and all went fine.

I then made final 2 changes, both to my ~/.bashrc file.

I had to add to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH the location of the IBM libraries.
I did that by adding the following line to the end of my .bashrc:

  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/opt/IBM/ibmtts/lib

and finaly, I changed my DTK_PROGRAM line in my .bashrc to read:

  export DTK_PROGRAM=outloud

Of course you may use a different one of the outloud servers.  That is
what I use.  My .bashrc is sourced by my .bash_profile, if yours is
not you may need to make these changes there as well (or instead).

With these changes in place, after sourceing the .bashrc file with the

  . ~/.bashrc	

I could run the outloud server directly with the tcl command:

    tcl /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/outloud

and having confirmed that worked I went on to run emacspeak.  It came
up speaking with the ttsynth voice.

One additional note for those new to ttsynth or outloud.  It does its
speaking rate math differntly from some of the other synthesizers.  If
like me you listen in the 400 - 525 range on a dectalk, try 85 - 110
or so with outloud.  

Hope this helps,



 Greg Priest-Dorman

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